Be inspired by the arts

Orangeville’s arts and culture scene is vibrant and growing. Historic charm creates a scenic setting to enjoy an impressive selection of attractions, shops, and events.


    • Treasure hunt at galleries and shops
    • Discover your favourite tree sculpture, utility box or historic building
    • Experience a live performance or cultural event

Strolling along Orangeville’s picturesque streets is the best way to discover its unique character and undeniable charm. Award-winning Broadway, the town’s main street, distinctively defines the heart of the downtown district and greets you with impressive architecture, historic landmarks, and alluring side streets.  It is the ideal starting point for exploring Orangeville.

As you meander, you’ll happen upon studios, galleries, and shops that create delightful detours.  Treasure hunt at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway where you’ll find a carefully curated collection of Canadian artwork and have the opportunity to interact with local artists as they work in their studios.  Browse the gallery at Framed X Designs or get creative at Maggiolly Art Supplies or Pottery Parties Studio.  Unique décor, designs, delicacies, and more are all available in the specialty shops that adorn Broadway and its side streets.

Striking heritage buildings, spirited tree sculptures, and surprising public art are all ready to be discovered by curious wanderers.

For those looking for a more direct path, self-guided walking tours provide specific locations and stories. Footsteps from our Past highlights significant buildings and structures that were the foundation for today’s vibrant community and the Art Walk of Tree Sculptures includes over 50 unique art pieces that create character throughout town.  Along the way, you’ll discover public art that contributes to Orangeville’s growing collection.  Functional utility boxes have been transformed into colourful displays that depict our community and the Mantis Queen, a striking large-scale sculpture created by award-winning artist Ron Baird, stands proudly at the Visitor Information Centre.

Orangeville is the setting for many festivals and events featuring arts, culture and music.

With opportune timing, your visit may include a performance at the Opera House, an art show hosted by Orangeville Art Group, or live music at the popular Blues and Jazz Festival.  A short trip to the Alton Mill Art Centre, 10 minutes south of Orangeville in the village of Alton, is another way to be inspired by the arts.

Food is the one final ingredient that will complete your cultural experience in Orangeville. Restaurants, bars and cafes feature a unique selection of global and local flavours that combine to delight every palate.  In many establishments, you’ll also be surrounded by original art work created by local artists.  In a town known for its excellent food offerings, take the time to savour the art of eating.