New tree sculptures unveiled as part of public art program

Four new pieces have been added to Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculptures. The popular program features more than 50 unique sculptures that depict the Town’s people, stories and history.
On Zina Street, a tree sculpture has been sponsored by local residents Lynn and Dan Lubitz. While contributing to the beauty and charm of the street, the sculpture also involves some neighbourly fun. The Lubitz’s were inspired by their neighbours donation to the sculpture program – the Staley family sponsored ‘A Tribute to Dogs,’ also on Zina Street – and thought a new sculpture featuring cats would help to show appreciation for all four-legged friends. The white pine carving by Mono artist Jim Menken shows three cats in motion; one curled up and napping, one climbing, and one ready to pounce.
Three smaller tree sculptures were also added to the public art collection:

  • An eye-catching sculpture of a heron, an owl and a frog was created by Jeff Taylor of Barrie. It is located inside the vestibule at the Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre.
  • A sculpture depicting two bears with an eagle sitting overhead is the work of Jake Rhodes of Burk’s Fall. This piece is located in the lobby of the Alder Recreation Centre.
  • Also created by Jake Rhodes, a bear carrying a lantern to guide his way sits on the upper floor of the Mill Street branch of the Orangeville Public Library.

“Our growing collection of tree sculptures honours Orangeville’s heritage and culture and continues to beautify our streets,” said Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown. “Thank you very much to Lynn and Dan Lubitz for their generosity. Many thanks to Jim Menken, Jake Rhodes and Jeff Taylor for their skill and artistry in creating these sculptures.”

Discover all of the tree sculptures by visiting the online tour here.